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Custom fabrication requires a company to be diverse in its capabilities to offer complete services in one stop and on time. Our employees hold multiple certifications that allow them to weld an assortment of different materials, such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. With the certifications, craftsmanship and exprience our welders possess, they can tackle all of your metal needs. Whether it be large, small, thick or thin.

We have extensive experience with many complex alloys and are frequently called upon to develop unique and advanced welding/fabricating solutions for clients. We create and repair anything made from metal. Nothing is too small or too big for us.

Simraj Fabricators Limited installs silos of any magnitude, big or small, anywhere in Kenya and East Africa. Our team understands on-farm storage and handling requirements and install silos, conveyors, augers and grain handling equipment to manufacturer’s specifications and offer expert advice based on years of industry experience. The company will build on site silos supplied by all major manufacturers. In addition Simraj Fabricators Limited supplies and erects silos custom to your specific requirements.

We professionally maintain and repair silos, augers and grain handling facilities on site. If you require silo extensions, then we are able to bring the materials, expertise and crews to the site to get the job done to your satisfaction. Contact us for a quote.

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General Contractors

Deciding upon metal building contractors is a critical factor when structures are custom designed or involve additions or tenant improvements. Few people fully understand everything that is required to design, build, and erect commercial and industrial buildings.

We help businesses/individuals make important decisions throughout the design and build process. From choosing steel frame styles and wall panels to interior finishing and exterior facades, it's always easier and more efficient to work with professionals. When you choose to work with Simraj Fabricators Limited, you will gain peace of mind in our company’s track record and can rest assured that the contractor we refer to you has been evaluated extensively.

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